Where do you attend school?  "I'm a Junior at The Bronx High School of Science, Bronx, New York." 

What are your favorite subjects? "History, Psychology, and Computer Science. Although, I love trying all different types of subjects and challenging myself academically."  

Why are you passionate about Calculators Solve Problems? "I have a deep passion for helping those in my community, especially in ways that are often overlooked. Volunteer work I've participated in through my Key Club at school and programs such as Spread the Love has further inspired me to help as much as I can. Due to countless good-condition calculators no longer being used by college and high school graduates, it is deeply necessary to organize a way to collect them and give them to students who need a calculator. Through my research, I realized that there are thousands of underfunded schools across the country with high enrollment of financially challenged students, and those schools need support for technology, including devices, like calculators. Sites such as, demonstrate this deep need from teachers around the country who post requests for donations to buy new calculators. Teachers post that many students lack access to calculators owing to the immense cost. Collecting and sanitizing good-condition used calculators, powering them up with fresh batteries, and distributing them to underfunded classrooms and students who need them, is a small step towards a larger goal. Our mission of Calculators Solve Problems..."to put a calculator in the hand of every student who needs one."

What do you do for fun?  "I love reading about different cultures, cooking all types of cuisines, hanging out with my two cats, and playing sports in the park!"