Where do you attend school?  "I'm a Junior at The Bronx High School of Science, Bronx, New York." 

What are your favorite subjects? "My favorite subjects are English and Chemistry, because I love creative writing as well as scientific applications." 

Why are you Passionate about Calculators Solve Problems? "I am passionate about Calculators Solve Problems because I know that education is so important. In my opinion, school supplies should always be readily accessible, since every person deserves a fair chance at learning. Additionally, having a calculator at hand can greatly enhance a student’s educational experience, especially for students who wish to expand their curiosity in the field of mathematics whether it's at home or in school. Every student should be granted the advantage of using a calculator to help with their schoolwork; there’s a reason why they’re required in higher grades and last for so long. Finally, I believe that donating calculators is a great way to stop waste and recycle instead for a good cause. I’m very excited to work in this non-profit and continue to benefit students’ education and ensure that their learning is as fulfilled as possible."  

What do you enjoy for fun? "In my free time, I practice piano and sometimes try composing music myself. I also love to read, especially at night, and discuss books with friends. These two hobbies have been the most consistently inspiring for me for a long time."